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What plastic are the Dafi vacuum containers made of?
Wrzesień 21, 2019
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What is the efficiency of the filter in a filter bottle?

dafi bottle

It should be noted that Dafi filter bottles have become extremely popular recently. It should be underlined that it is a very useful product and thanks to its small size and being handy we can take it everywhere. Very often athletes and people who spend a lot of time outside the home use filter bottles. Let’s note that the main advantage of Dafi products which is particulary appreciated by the clients is a bottle’s capacity.

It is worth adding that the bottle was designed for people who care about regular hydration of the body, as well as practicing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. This bottle has the task: to remove the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine from tap water. Importantly, it does not destroy water minerals.

Dafi filter bottle

As it is known a handy Dafi filter bottle is reusable. It is worth adding that it was equpped with a special filter which is exchangeable and it allows to remove taste and smell of chlorine from tap water. Importantly, a bottle is safe for our health so it can be used by adults and children. We have an opportunity to buy sucha bottle in 3 different sizes. The bottle of the smallest capacity is 0,3 liter and it is perfect for the youngest. The next one, with the capacity of 0,5 liter we can take everywhere because of its small size- for example to the work or for a walk.

The biggest of them is a 0,7 liter bottle and it will be perfect during the trip or in a gym. Let’s note that Dafi filter bottle will work well in every situation and what is more, it is good in the hand. This water filtering bottle is distinguished by its taste and composition in relation to tap water.

How long is the filter in the filter bottle sufficient?

It is worth adding that the sufficiency of a filter which is inside the filter bottle is 300 filterings.