How to use a Dafi filter pitcher
How to use a Dafi filter pitcher
Wrzesień 5, 2019
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Which filter pitcher to choose

Which filter pitcher to choose

The effectiveness of filter pitchers has been confirmed many times. More and more households use it to improve tap water. But, which pitcher to choose? Which will be perfect? See what to puy your attention to.

Filter pitchers  differ in several aspects among themselves.

Filter pitcher and its capacity

It is one of the most important aspects which we should pay our attention to while choosing a pitcher for ourselves. In order to match it perfectly to our expectations we should answer a question how many people will use the pitcher. With less consumption, e.g. with two members of the household, a 2.0-liter pitcher, that is Dafi Crystal is enough for us. It is available in several colors, i.e. navy blue, raspberry, white, graphite and celadon. This pitcher is made of glass. Thanks to it, we will receive 1 liter of filtered water at once.

If we have a big family it is worth to invest in bigger , 3 and 4 liter pitchers. Choosing a capacity of a pitcher it is worth to pay attention on the capacity of filtred water which is not consistent with the capacity of the entire pitcher. The capacity of filtered water is usually smaller by 1 liter in relation to the capacity of the entire device.

Dafi in its offer has pitchers with the capacity of: 2l, 2,4l, 3,0l, 3,3l and 4l. They are availabile in many colors. They were made of plastic or glass.

Modern design and many colors make the choice and matching a pitcher to the kitchen or dining room easier.

Indicators in filter pitchers

In filter pitchers the next element what distinguishes them from each other is the indicator of the pitchers, which suggests when to replace the filter with a new one.

We have several options to choose from:

  • Manual indicator
  • Led Indicator
  • Electronic indicator